Roller Hearth Kiln for Carbonization, Surface Treatment, Activation of carbon materials

Roller Hearth Kiln (RHK):

  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Precise atmosphere control
  • High speed continuous firing
  • Temperature : Max. 1,620oC
  • All of RHK inside are composed of ceramics
    – No metal contamination
  • Tailor made design based on gas emission from fired material
  • Fully automated sagger handling system (option)
  • Exhaust gas treatment system (option)
  • Very easy cleaning system for potassium carbon activation (option)


  • Activated carbon
  • Lithium-ion battery anode materials (Carbon anode material, Silicon anode material, LTO)
  • Lithium-ion battery cathode materials (All types of cathode materials; LCO, NCM, NCA, LMO, LFP, LMFP)
  • Ceramic materials : High purity alumina, Zirconia, Nickel oxide, boron nitride and others
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • Catalysts
  • Spark plugs, O2 sensors
  • Multi Layered Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC)

Roller Hearth Kiln

Roller Hearth Kiln

Roller Hearth Kiln

Roller Hearth Kiln is best solution for Lithium-ion battery materials, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and MLCC

Our accumulated know-how on lithium-ion battery materials (cathode, anode), Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and MLCC contribute to your product improvement, smooth production start up and stable operation.
We can offer turn key solutions including automated conveying system of your product.

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