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Carbon purification with chlorine gas             Chlorine gas removes metalic impurities from your materials

Capable of creating high purity carbon materials, more than 99.9%. Our purification furnace has been used for  carbon nanotubes,  graphite, carbon additives and others. Especially, excellent iron (Fe) removal capability, which is important requirement for lithium- ion battery application. Purification with chlorine gas enables you to achieve higher purity compared to other purification technologies, such as high temperature treatment and chemical washing. We can prove our purification performance with your material at our test center. 

Ask us for reference purification data.

Chlorine Gas Treatment Furnace for Carbon Nanotubes,
Carbon conductive additives and graphite

Purification Furnace:

  • Capable of chlorine gas treatment with special coating on the furnace wall
  • Remove metalic impurities from your products/powders
  • Other gases are also applicable; HCl、N2、H2、Ar
  • High temperature ; Maximum 1450oC
  • Vacuum capability
  • Various models available from laboratory scale to mass production scale

Chlorine Gas Treatment Furnace


  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Graphene
  • Carbon conductive additives, Carbon Black
  • Graphite
  • Ceramics : Silica, Alumina and others

Ammonia Gas Furnace for Carbon activation


  • Capable of ammonia gas treatment
  • Suitable for carbon activation
  • Other gases are also applicable; He, N2, H2, Ar
  • High temperature – up to 1500oC
  • Vacuum capability
Ammonia Gas Furnace