Ultra High Tempearture Continuous Furnace
for Sintering, Carbonization and Graphitization

Our know-how on high temperature furnace allows stable operation up to 2,800oC. Various types of high temperature furnaces available from R&D to production scale. Our high temperature furnaces have been contributing to our customers’ production globally without unexpected down time.  

High Temperature Furnace:

  • Ultra high temperture – up to 2,800oC
  • Continuous system, Energy saving
  • Batch furnace also available
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Pusher feed or Roll to Roll, other feeding method is also available
  • Rotary tube system available (Option)
  • Used for carbonization, purification and graphitization


  • Carbon products – Powder, Sheets, Composites
  • Graphite – Powder, Graphite Heat Spreadsheets
  • Carbon conductive additives – Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon Black
  • SiC (Silicon carbide) products – Rollers, Heating elements, Rods, Tubes
  • Ceramics: Silica, Alumina and others
Ultra High Tempearture Continuous Furnace