Carbon Rotary Kiln / Ceramic Rotary Kiln – No metal contamination           Next generation production technology for battery materials

Carbon Tube and Ceramic Tube Rotary Kiln were developed to meet the customers’ demand of metal contamination free firing for lithium-ion battery materials. Our original Tube configuration, double layered structure, enables us to offer large scale Carbon tube rotary kiln and Ceramic tube rotary kiln. Our Carbon rotary kiln and Ceramic rotary kiln are capable of using air knocking device on outside metal tube. Air knocking device is a key for stable operation for adhesive materials. Reliability of our carbon tube and ceramic tube have been proven by our vast experiences in lithium ion battery materials. Several sizes of Ceramic rotary kilns and Carbon rotary kilns are available from Laboratory scale to pilot production scale.

Features of Carbon Rotary Kiln / Ceramic Rotary Kiln :

  • Proprietary Ceramic Tube technology – Large size available
  • No metal contamination for battery cathode and anode materials
  • “Knocker” applicable to eliminate product adhesion on Ceramic / Carbon Tube surface
  • Energy efficient and homogenized product flow
  • Atmosphere control : Air, N2, N2+H2, O2 and CH gas
  • Various Tube material options
    • High Alumina, Carbon, Quartz, etc.
  • Optimal for producing lithium-ion battery materials

Ceramic / Carbon Rotary Kiln – R&D Unit Specification :

Temperature  Maximum 1,000oC
Heating Source  Electricity (Indirect heating)
Dwell Time  30 to 240 minutes
Throughput  0.1 – 1.0 Litter
Dimension  900W x 1900L x 1600H (mm)
Tube Material  Carbon, Alumina, SiC
Atmosphere  Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, other


Carbon / Ceramic Rotary KilnCarbon / Ceramic Rotary Kiln


Metal Rotary Kilns

We provide not only carbon rotary kiln / ceramic rotary kiln, but also metal rotary kilns. We offer variety of metal rotary kilns, such as electric heating rotary kiln, gas heating rotary kiln, vacuum rotary kiln, high temperature rotary kiln and rotary cooler.  

Features :

  • High temperature rotary kiln – Maximum 1,200oC
  • Variety of tube materials
  • Vacuum capability
  • Uniform atmospheric control
  • Electricity / Gas heating
  • Direct / Indirect heating


Batch Rotary Kiln – R&D Unit Specification : You can put your material in a detachable case and set it in the retort. Quick and easy case change and cleaning. 5 types of cases are available and you can select appropriate one for your new research and development.    

Temperature  Maximum 1,200oC
Heating Source  Electricity (Indirect heating)
Retort Volume  0.8 Litter 
Retort Material

 SS310S, Alumina, Carbon,  Quartz, Kanthal

Revolution  0 – 6.4 rpm 
Atmosphere  Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen,  Argon, Propane, Acethylene

Rotary Kilns

Rotary Kilns